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About Us

SERAC EXPEDITIONS ® is a company managed by its owners dedicated to design and operate high-quality personalized active trips in mountain environments: Trekking, Expeditions and Adventure Trips. We provide integral solutions such as accommodation, transfers and trips. We work for both the independent traveller as well as for travel agencies and international tour operators. Our operational base is located in Argentine Patagonia, at El Chaltén – a worldwide known paradise for mountain activities. Thanks to our clients´ demand, our work has expanded to Torres del Paine in Chile, Cordillera Blanca in Perú and Cordillera real in Bolivia.

10 years of experience have helped us to consolidate a work methodology based on our values: Commitment, Service Quality, Safety and Environmental conscience.

commitment We know we deal with our passengers´ dreams and expectations, their desire to overcome and their struggle against their own limits. We take on our work fully conscious of the importance this experience has on our passengers´ development as individuals.
service quality From the careful selection of the menu, to the brand of the technical equipments we choose, we take care of every aspect of the integral service we provide. We demand that our guides have a deep knowledge of Patagonian people and its culture and customs as well as a high empathy which allows a better approach to the passengers with whom they are going to share the trip.
safety Carrying out an activity in a mountain environment involves being exposed to certain risks. Our guides are highly qualified to take decisions at the most critical situations. Furthermore, we have communication technology to provide our passengers a real safety framework – Iridium satellite mobiles phones are used for expeditions in highly isolated areas.
environmental conscience Patagonia is not only our work place but also it is THE PLACE where we live in. We really pay attention to the impact of our programs. Although we always try to minimize it, we know impact nevertheless exists. That is why we are part of "1% For The Planet", donating part of our profits to environmental campaigns.

We devote our efforts to develop programs in which active people curiosity, expectations, willingness to learn, participate and experience a real contact with nature can be fulfilled.

To provide our passengers a memorable experience and a challenge which helps them discover their own limits, within a safety framework, respecting nature with a minimum impact and a deep safety sense are strong commitments that lead us in all our actions.
Our programs:
On the one hand, and, in order to achieve our goals in every program we develop, it is extremely important to pay special attention to every single detail, from a diet specially designed as regards food quality and quantity, to the quality and trademark of approved equipment.
On the other hand, we work to contribute to a truly sustainable development, by means of environment care and low impact practices. Likewise, we also take into account the distribution of the resources we generate within the communities in which our programs take place, in Argentina as well as in the rest of South America.

All along these years, we have carried out numerous and varied programs. Some of them have been carried out regularly, others have been designed at our clients´ requests – due to these programs´ beauty and enriching experience, we have decided to formalize them.

• Expedition to South Ice-Field (Continental Ice-Field) and ascent to Gorra Blanca
• Ascents, different-length trekking and technical traverses in El Chaltén area, Patagonia
• Aconcagua normal route. Mendoza
• Vallecitos and Cordón del plata. Mendoza
• Santa Cruz tour and ascents in Cordillera Blanca. Perú
• Trekking and ascents in Cordillera Huayhuash. Perú
• Valles de Condoriri and ascents to 6000 meters , cordillera real in Bolivia
• Volcanoes´ skiing in Argentine and Chilean Patagonia
• Ski ascent and descents at Lanín volcano.
• Ascent to Domuyo volcano
• Expeditions to cerro San Lorenzo


Climber for over 20 years, Mountain Guide, CSE First Aids Certificate, Professional Member of the American Avalanche Association, Avalanche Instructor, Snow and Weather conditions Observer. Certified Guide in Los Glaciares and Lanin National Parks.
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Operations Manager & Head Guide

High Guide EPGAMT, Bachelor in Tourism, CSE First Aids Certificate, Avalanches AVI 2 American Avalanche Association USA and Los Glaciares National Park guide. He is partner of Serac Expeditions and works in the operation and organization of Serac´s programs. As full-time Guide, he is not only a mountain, ski and trekking guide specialized in El Chaltén area but he also guides personalized programs and expeditions´ logistics in Bolivia, Perú and volcanoes in Chilean Patagonia.
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Av. San Martin 175, El Chaltén, Patagonia Argentina | info@serac.com.ar
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